Fees & Services

Our rates are designed to encourage maximum participation in the group. It is our goal to have the same group everyday so the dogs only have to establish their social order once. However, we will typically accommodate dogs who only go out once or twice a week, as long as they live within our service area.

Our Rates:
1 day per week:     $30 per day
2 days per week:    $250 per month
3 days per week:    $325 per month
4 days per week:    $400 per month
Rates are based on an average sized dog (70 pounds) picked up from a location well within our service area.  Rates are subject to adjustment for dogs that are oversized, require special treatment or extra driving.  Fees are due and payable at the beginning of each month.  Full details regarding payment information are provided in the Service Agreement. Within the limits of availability, Eastside Puppy Pals works with owners to determine which days the dog goes with the group, to accommodate the owner’s schedule.

Dogs should be spayed or neutered and properly tagged or microchipped.   We have no breed or size restrictions and welcome dogs of all kinds, as well as puppies as young as 8 weeks. We’ve had several dogs start at 8-9 weeks of age and stay with the group their entire lives, up to 14 years.  Early socialization is extremely important for a puppy’s development into a healthy, well-adjusted adult dog. We can start dogs at a very young age because we do not require vaccination.  Sufficient controversy and insufficient evidence of efficacy reasonably warrant this decision being left in the hands of those directly responsible for the dog’s health — the owners.  For the sake of their dogs’ health, owners are encouraged to research this topic objectively on line and/or in books like Pat McKay’s “Why You Should Not Vaccinate”.

All dogs are subject to an initial two-part screening process, social affability being the main criterion by which they are judged. Services are available to any dog of any age, breed, or size who meets our criteria.  Active dogs who love to hike, swim, chase other dogs or tennis balls will benefit the most from our services! Doggy play group services are limited to weekdays, Monday through Thursday only.


  • Overnight boarding in our home
  • Personal training and behavior consultations
  • Raw Feeding classes, demonstrations, and consulting (more info can be found at www.NoMoreVetBills.com)

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