Our family can’t say enough wonderful things about Eastside Puppy Pals. Sunny loves going out with her dog buddies everyday. She runs and plays while we are busy during the day! Nora is a very caring person and we trust her completely to come into our home daily. She has great tips on dog care, food and training.

When her van arrives at our house, Sunny leaps out to join her buddies. Nora is a true professional. We are deeply grateful for Eastside Puppy Pals. We are 150% satisfied!

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Burt, Bellevue



Griffey looks forward to his group and runs to the front door, tail wagging, when he hears the van pull up. We completely trust Nora with a key to our home and with the safety of our dog. Her love of animals is obvious. She always has dog treats handy. She gives us copies of her newsletter and other pertinent information on a regular basis.

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Young, Bellevue



Droopy has been with Nora and Eastside Puppy Pals for over two years. She is my hero when it comes to my dog. He loves her and anxiously looks forward to her arrival for play. Eastside Puppy Pals enables me to work and not worry about my dog being home alone.

J. Jones, Bellevue



What we wanted for Daisy was active play with other dogs, so she could burn off energy and enjoy doggie fun every day. That’s what she gets with Eastside Puppy Pals, in a situation that we know is safe, clean, and well supervised.

It gives me peace of mind while I’m at work to know Daisy is with Nora. Nora keeps us informed about how Daisy is doing in the play group and is very generous with her time and ideas if we ask for advice. In Nora, we feel we have a friend and ally as we try to do right by our young dog.

Daisy is a smarter, better-behaved dog for spending time with Nora. I can tell from the occasions when I’ve seen them together that Nora has won Daisy’s obedience and loyalty. Nora is wonderfully conscientious and creative in her work with the dogs. She’s always coming up with ways to make them more comfortable and their play time more fun. It’s plain she truly cares, and I think the dogs know it and respond by being their best doggie selves.

Mary Redmayne, Redmond


Max and Indy

When we adopted Max, she was 4 months old and had already been in 4 homes. We were living in a condo with our 7-year old Spaniel mix. Max grew bigger and bigger and started doing things like eating our plaster board wall when we weren’t at home.

It became obvious that the dogs needed more than two working people with full schedules could give. Along came Nora and Eastside Puppy Pals. I can not tell you what a difference she has made to Max’s life (and ours).

Nora gives our “girls” a daily outing. Our jobs require some long hours and knowing that the dogs have had an outing of company, exercise and attention, makes it OK. No guilt and we can enjoy them when we are home. Nora is trustworthy and honest. She cares about every one of those puppies as if they were her own. She will work to establish a partnership with you the owner and discuss inappropriate behaviors she sees in your puppy and work with you to solve them. Max was a chronic jumper but now she only forgets occasionally. Indy was a car-barker and together we arrived at a solution to that behavior as well. We have been with Puppy Pals almost 2 years. I highly recommend Nora’s program.

Betty and Skip Kaczynski, Bellevue

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