What We Do

 In an effort to provide a well-rounded, stimulating experience for the dogs in the group, we vary the outings from day to day. Currently Mondays are usually an hour-long hike on one of the little-used trails in the foothills of the Cascades.  Tuesdays are our day at the pasture (a private 1/2 acre fenced grassy playground), where the dogs chase tennis balls, romp with other dogs and cool off in the wading pools for an hour. Wednesday is another hike day, and Thursday is our day at the off-leash area of Marymoor.  When Marymoor institutes its new proposed rules and fees for dog walkers later this Fall, we will most likely start spending Thursdays at the pasture as well.

This is just a general guideline.  Sometimes, depending on the weather and other factors, I switch the days around.

Dogs are picked up starting in the late morning hours, Monday through Thursday.  Exactly when your dog will be picked up will depend on where you live relative to my starting point (South Bellevue), and the day.  For example, I have to get an earlier start on hike days because of the extra driving involved, so I may start at 10:30.  When we go to Marymoor, I prefer arriving there later as I’ve found it is less crowded, so I may not start picking up till 11:15.  Also, depending on the day’s activity, the order in which I pick up your dog may change. If your dog is normally the first to be picked up on pasture days, s/he may be the last picked up on hike days, or vice versa.  The route may also change occasionally for reasons relating to road construction, traffic, etc., so you should make sure your dog is available for pick up roughly between 10:30 and 12:30.  Most dogs are home by 3, but depending on the above parameters, a dog could be dropped off as early as 2 or as late as 4:30.

We transport the dogs in an air conditioned, carpeted van that is big enough for everybody in the group to lie down at the same time if they want to.  Group size is generally limited to 9 dogs, and is usually smaller.  We have very little turnover, which means the dogs have a chance to really get to know each other.  Being with the same dogs every day is less stressful for the dogs because it relieves them of their need to constantly rearrange their social order.

We cater to stable working people who want a long term solution to their dogs’ exercise needs. We also employ kind, reward based training methods using home-dehydrated beef or chicken liver treats. Uncompromising concern and genuine love for your dog is what separates Eastside Puppy Pals from the rest of the pack!

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